Body Wraps & Scrubs

Lavender Aromatherapy Wrap $89

Soothing the psyche, this calming wrap brings the entire body into balance. Using shea butter blended with lavender essential oils and herbal extracts, this wrap is intensely moisturizing and deeply relaxing.

Seaweed Detox/Cellulite/Lymphatic Wrap $136

This wrap’s solution is formulated with extracts of fluid algae and a synergic blend of essential oils. This detoxifying and cleansing treatment reduces cellulite, edema, and heavy leg syndrome while improving venous return and blood circulation. It also works to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. ┬áIncluded is a 30 minute lymphatic massage.

Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub $74

Ideal for dull, dry skin, this treatment begins with a full body brushing followed by a sea salt or maple sugar scrub. Exfoliating dry or rough skin prepares the body for our moisturizing lotions.

Hydrating Wrap $89

This treatment helps restore the skin’s essential nutrients and moisture leaving the skin toned, hydrated, and revitalized. The skin is gently exfoliated in preparation for a luxurious body mask and wrap which will deliver a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants.